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Will the best item on the menu please step up!

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Deciding which is the best item on the menu is going to be very difficult. At Scooter’s Fish House we pride ourselves in making fresh, made to order food. However, there are a few featured meals that have become crowd favorites.

Some things to know about Scooter’s Fish House

At Scooter’s Fish House we offer a “Fish of the Day”, typically the choices are Amberjack, Mahi Mahi, or Wahoo. Our meals can be chosen with any of the fish of the day options of your liking. Although, we must say that the Amberjack is a must try. Our fish is locally caught, bringing you “gulf to table” options at a reasonable price. To accommodate a variety of tastes, our seafood restaurant offers meals either grilled or fried. So choose from some of our local’s favorites and don’t forget to add a delicious side!

1. Fish tacos – Sheer perfection rolled up in a flour tortilla. It doesn’t get better than this. Your choice of fish, either grilled or fried and topped with our signature sauce. The best part? The meal comes with two tacos.
2. Fried Shrimp – Large, tasty shrimp cooked perfectly, no wonder it is a popular item. We can assure you that this meal will not disappoint. The shrimp dinner is also served with two sides of your choice.
3. Gumbo – This is by far the best gumbo you will ever have. Made with fresh fish, shrimp and anything else we can put in it. Choose from a cup size or bowl.

There you have it, our customer favorites. However, we assure you you’ll like everything on the menu. Stop by Scooter’s today to enjoy any of these delicious meals or try something new. Save your hushpuppies for the ride home!

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