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The A La Carte Menu

Whether your looking to enlarge your meal or searching for a smaller portion to enjoy, then the A La Carte menu is the answer to your prayers. In this menu you will find every item that is not quite as big as an entrée but yet not as small as a side.

In the a la carte menu, Scooter’s Fish House features great add-ons to your meal or small meals such as seafood gumbo and satisfying Caesar salads. You can also order most of our main course options such as calamari, shrimp, and fish either grilled or fried.

Another great perk from the a la carte menu is the fresh oysters. A must have at a seafood restaurant in our opinion. We offer a side of oysters for a fare price of $12.99

At your next stop at Scooter’s Fish House, don’t overlook the a la carte menu. We may have options there that you haven’t considered. See you Scooter’s!


Fresh seafood gumbo

Curious about our Fish Tacos?

It’s no question that a lot of people really enjoy tacos. But have you tried the fish tacos at Scooter’s Fish House?

Meet your new love: Fish tacos!

At our seafood restaurant we offer a fish taco meal that comes with two tacos served with a side of fries. The tacos are available in three options, grilled fish, grilled shrimp, and for our non-fish lovers, we have grilled chicken. They come wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. And to perfect the tacos we top them with fresh coleslaw, garden-fresh pico de gallo, shredded cheese and our signature dressing. All we can say to describe them is they are “perfectly balanced goodness”. These tacos are truly a fan favorite at our seafood restaurant. Head out to Scooter’s and we’ll let you be the judge.

Military Discount at our Seafood Restaurant

Scooter’s Fish House is nestled within Florida’s Emerald Coast in Navarre, Florida. The Emerald Coast is a place where you will experience beautiful beaches and continual great weather. But the Gulf Coast is also home to many military bases such as Eglin Air Force Base, Duke Field, Pensacola Naval Air Station and our closest base, Hurlburt Field.
With these numerous military installations in the area, many military personnel are residents and some are welcomed visitors. The presence of the Air Force and Special Forces bases in the area create a local culture deeply rooted in U.S. military traditions. Needless to say, veterans, retired, and active military are treated with respect while visiting different locations along the Panhandle. Year round the strong military atmosphere can be felt throughout the Emerald Coast. Many places within the local area offer military discounts. Scooter’s Fish House is no exception. At our seafood restaurant we offer a 10% military discount to military personnel and their families. All military are more than welcome to join us at Scooter’s for the best seafood in Navarre! We offer delicious seafood at great prices. Check out our menu before you stop by!

Kid’s are Cool at Scooter’s

Kid's Shrimp

Kid’s Shrimp

Scooter’s knows that its youngest fans prefer their food without frills. With that in mind, we keep our kid’s menu as simple as possible. Our Kid’s Menu features simply delicious entrees for lunch or dinner. Our options include fried shrimp or fried fish. And if your child does not like seafood, we also offer fried chicken as an alternative for your convenience. The Kid’s Meal also comes with a side of fries and a hush puppy to seal the deal.
At Scooter’s, we’ve always welcomed kids with open arms. Our friendly atmosphere attracts a lot of families in the local area and tourists alike. Scooter’s Fish House is one of the best places in Navarre to eat with your children. If you haven’t already joined us at our seafood restaurant, make it a point to do so soon! Visit our full menu page to see all our great seafood options.

The Best Choice: Fish of the Day

Scooter’s is known for offering its customers the fish of the day option everyday. Typically our fish of the day options include Mahi-mahi, Amberjack, and Wahoo. With our restaurant being so close to the Gulf Coast, all of our daily catches are from local fisherman and what is available in Gulf. Are you curious to know what fish are served at Scooter’s Fish House? Our Gulf waters are full of interesting, diverse, and delicious fish species. Learn more about our local favorites served at our seafood restaurant.

Mahi- Mahi

Mahi- Mahi is a delicious Gulf fish caught primarily in Florida and Louisiana. Mah-Mahi can be found swimming in warmer waters and can weigh up to 40 pounds. This fish has a distinctive delicate and sweet flavor that makes ideal for grilling.


Reefs along the Gulf Coast are known to harbor huge schools of Amberjack. They commonly weigh 5 – 20 pounds but it isn’t rare to find a 100-pound Amberjack. As far as taste, Amberjack fish is very mild and requires little seasoning. This fish is most commonly grilled or fried.


The Wahoo or also known as Ono, roams the deep blue water off the Gulf Coast and other Florida coasts especially the Keys. It is easily identified due to its log slender body and zebra–like stripes. This fish has a white, mild flesh that is great for grilling.


Looking to visit Scooter’s Fish House? We look forward to seeing you at our seafood restaurant in Navarre. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Purchase our Signature Seasonings

Do you love our seafood so much that you wish you could have a taste of Scooter’s Fish House at home? Well now you can! We sell our delectable signature seasonings to our customers who just can’t get enough of our seafood restaurant. For your convenience, you can find them at our restaurant next time you stop by Scooter’s. We actually have two seasoning flavors available, the Seasoned Salt and the Grill Seasoning. These seasonings can be purchased in two different sizes, a 4 oz. for $4.99 + tax or an 8 oz. for $7.99 + tax.
Not a local but love Scooter’s? Not a problem! We also ship the seasonings of your choice to your home. But keep in mind the shipping fee will be an additional cost.
If you have any questions about seasoning purchases or other questions about our seafood, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

The Ordering Process at our Seafood Restaurant


Much like our brother location Stewby’s in Fort Walton Beach, you can order our delicious seafood to dine in or take out. We are a regular walk-up and order at the window type of restaurant. You place your order with our friendly staff and wait for your number to be called. Once your order has been called, you can receive it at the pick up window. This applies to both dine in and take out orders. If you decide to dine in, you will enjoy a renovated restaurant with picnic like tables and plenty of paper towels for all the messy eaters.  Our restaurant has a very laid back, inviting atmosphere or you could order for take out and enjoy it at home. However, please be advised that we can get very busy especially during lunch time which is around 12pm and also after 5pm during dinner time. We also take call in orders for your convenience, except during busy hours of course.


Now that you know the drill for Scooter’s Fish House, we invite you to come in and order a savory seafood platter. Check out our menu and stop by today!

seafood restaurant cashier

Locally Sourced Seafood

Did you know that Scooter’s Fish House locally sources its seafood here on the Gulf Coast? Scooter’s brings you quality seafood at affordable prices. Not to mention the fact that local seafood has a better, fresher taste. Buying local also helps support a more sustainable way of life and better jobs for our local fisherman. Buying from a community fisherman ensures that you are eating fish that is “in season” rather than catering to the demand of having any fish at anytime. On our Scooter’s menu you will find the “Fish of the Day” option as well as a few other choices which allow you to choose from the seasonal fish that is freshly caught from the Gulf. Seafood from the Gulf isn’t just the safer healthier option, but when cooked right at Scooter’s Fish House, it’s delicious too! Come on in to Scooter’s today and savor the “gulf to table” meals at prices that won’t break your wallet.
fresh fish from the Gulffresh shrimp from the Gulf

Scooter’s Navarre: Things to do Near our Seafood Restaurant

It’s no secret that Navarre is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast. Looking for things to do near our seafood restaurant? We have rounded up a list of possible stops you can make before visiting us for a plate of delicious seafood goodness.
seafood menu

Nature Park– The Nature Walk by the Navarre Bridge features a waterfront boardwalk that stretches a mile past the park. If you have the kids with you, they can enjoy the playground that also has a splash pad for when the weather is hot. Don’t miss the Panhandle Butterfly House while you are there and the fishpond along the nature trail.

Shopping– Navarre is filled with small specialty shops where you can buy exclusive treasures. For instance, at the Sand Dollar Cottage, you can find small gifts, souvenirs, and one of kind paintings from local artists. If you’re looking for a great assortment of clothing and specialty items, then you might want to check out Island Style. This shop has all your beach needs such as shirts and beach toys. You can also purchase trinkets and souvenirs here as well.

Water Sports– If you don’t have your own gear to spend time on the water, there are many places near our restaurant where you could rent different types of water equipment. At Navarre Family Watersports you’ll find everything from pontoons to kayaks. And at Sage Paddle Co. you can rent paddleboards for half or the full day.

Any of these activities are sure to leave you with an appetite. Stop by our restaurant in Navarre after you’ve enjoyed the many activities here. Check out our menu before making your way to Scooter’s Fish House.

Will the best item on the menu please step up!

grilledshrimpgrilled fish

Deciding which is the best item on the menu is going to be very difficult. At Scooter’s Fish House we pride ourselves in making fresh, made to order food. However, there are a few featured meals that have become crowd favorites.

Some things to know about Scooter’s Fish House

At Scooter’s Fish House we offer a “Fish of the Day”, typically the choices are Amberjack, Mahi Mahi, or Wahoo. Our meals can be chosen with any of the fish of the day options of your liking. Although, we must say that the Amberjack is a must try. Our fish is locally caught, bringing you “gulf to table” options at a reasonable price. To accommodate a variety of tastes, our seafood restaurant offers meals either grilled or fried. So choose from some of our local’s favorites and don’t forget to add a delicious side!

1. Fish tacos – Sheer perfection rolled up in a flour tortilla. It doesn’t get better than this. Your choice of fish, either grilled or fried and topped with our signature sauce. The best part? The meal comes with two tacos.
2. Fried Shrimp – Large, tasty shrimp cooked perfectly, no wonder it is a popular item. We can assure you that this meal will not disappoint. The shrimp dinner is also served with two sides of your choice.
3. Gumbo – This is by far the best gumbo you will ever have. Made with fresh fish, shrimp and anything else we can put in it. Choose from a cup size or bowl.

There you have it, our customer favorites. However, we assure you you’ll like everything on the menu. Stop by Scooter’s today to enjoy any of these delicious meals or try something new. Save your hushpuppies for the ride home!