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History of Scooter’s

Hi! I’m Scooter and this is my fish house. Scooter’s Fish House is similar to a very popular restaurant called STEWBY’S Seafood Shanty in Fort Walton Beach Florida. STEWBY’S is owned by my brother Stewart. Both restaurants are based off an old family restaurant called Sam’s Oyster House. Sam’s Oyster House was founded by our father Sam Taylor back in the late 60’s as a small seafood take-out.

Sam passed away back in 1985 and was left for myself, brother, and mother to operate. Sam’s remained open for 11 more years until it was sold in 1996. Sam’s was sold for many different reasons. One of which was the desires to go in new directions by myself and other family members.

Unfortunately Sam’s closed 1 year later at the hands of the new owners. This was very depressing. After empty promises to carry on the Sam’s name for years to come, the new owners went bankrupt just after 1 year.

Sam’s Oyster House may have had it’s problems, but the lack of quality fried seafood was not one of them. Serving fresh locally caught amberjack and shrimp, Sam’s was considered the authority on fresh fried seafood. Sam’s was actually the first to serve amberjack. Amberjack was considered trash fish and my father had to beg the fisherman to bring it to the docks.

Sam’s paved the way for most of the seafood restaurants in North west Florida today. Most are modeled after Sam’s casual atmosphere and menu. However these restaurants don’t have what we have and that is our fathers vision and most importantly his recipes.

What is Scooter’s Fish House

Scooter’s Fish House is a small dine in and take out quick service seafood restaurant centrally located in the heart of Navarre, Fl. on Hwy 87. Offering the most affordable and freshest local seafood, you can eat inside or take it with you to-go.

All our seafood is fresh and locally bought. The fish comes straight of the boats in Destin and surrounding areas. Our sauces and sides are all made from scratch. Even the seafood seasoning is made homemade with no MSG or preservatives.

Average order times are between 10-12 minutes. So if your in a hurry, don’t worry. We’ll have you on your way in minutes. Dine with us or take it to-go. Scooter’s is always providing the best quality seafood at the best price!